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Corporate Set Design Lancashire

Making your event visual is extremely important when you wish to deliver a strong message. This becomes increasingly true as you scale events in size and importance. Our corporate set design Lancashire service can help you with this and much more.

From large events making use of a Proscenium stage or Thrust theatre to a simple podium for a single speaker and small audience. We have experience advising, designing, constructing and installing all types of corporate sets.

Corporate Set Design Lancashire

It Begins With A Call

All corporate set design projects begin with a phone call or discussion. We need to find out key details about your event. For example, it is advantageous to know;

Answering the questions above will allow us to plan and quote for your corporate set design Lancashire.

Looking for a different solution? We also hire audio equipment, find out more here: PA Hire.

Corporate Set Inspiration

When you task us with designing and developing your set we will present you with 3D visualisations. We know from experience that these prove useful when planning, building and installing sets. Just a few styles of sets are listed below.


Projection-Mapping – Making Your Set Dynamic

The latest technological development to come to corporate set design. This technique allows us to project moving images onto any custom set design. This means the moving images use the layout of the set making for a dynamic presentation. Perfect to anyone looking for the wow factor with an aim to leave a lasting impression on the audience.


When Design Is Important

Combining textures and patterns over a large backdrop can make for a striking presentation. Enhance this further with layered elements or waved panels to give depth and scale. With clever design, you can frame the presenter or performance area enhancing the overall display.

Our team has decades of experience to help develop this concept allowing you a bespoke set unlike another.


Making Lighting Strike Twice

Strategic placing of light and shadow to a set can add a distinctive feeling to your corporate event. Creating a surface glow with key colours adds depth and sets apart the main focus on stage. This is often a cost-effective solution for those on a tight budget.


When Brand Is Important

Holding an event to which you are inviting many people is an excellent opportunity to display your brand. From your logo to key message and core branding colours. Backdrops and set designs that make use of all these features are a great way to disseminate your core identity.

Corporate Set Design for Santander

Let’s Begin – Corporate Set Design Lancashire

Contact us to begin your set design journey and be assured that the main feature of your event is in good hands. You can call or email via the details below:

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