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PA Hire Lancashire

We live in an age of multimedia. Audiences expect high-quality sound at all events they attend. Vocals with clarity and music with an exceptional separation of sound are the new industry standard. We can achieve this for your event. If you are looking for PA Hire in Lancashire and UK, we can help.

With decades of experience, our skilled sound engineers have worked on all types of events and in hundreds of venues. From an audience of 100 to 20,000 we can help specify what sound system will be needed for excellent sound reproduction.


PA Hire in Lancashire – Understanding Your Brief

Our PA and sound system hire begins with understanding your brief. What is the event? What are your goals and ambitions?

We advise on setup, operation and pack down for the entire event. From a full turn-key operation where we take care of everything for you to ad-hoc support. Our PA hire service follows five steps:

  1. Fully understand your event
  2. Understand the event space and its unique acoustics
  3. Select relevant equipment to fulfil brief
  4. Communicate our plan with you and other key partners
  5. Finalise installation and sound system operation plan

PA Hire in Lancashire and UK

Did you know? Sound reproduction is a science and an art. Every venue has different acoustics meaning sound reproduction, amplification and reproduction will be different in every venue. Understanding how sound is broadcast through space, be it large, small or full of people requires theoretical knowledge and experience. This is where our engineers excel.


Deliver, Install and Operation Of Your Sound System

Events are made of plans and deadlines. We thoroughly understand this and will ensure the required sound system is delivered, installed and operated by a team of professionals.

Our service includes delivery that you can rely upon, including full unloading and transportation into the venue. We have decades of experience complying with the most stringent health and safety rules as well as making sure we never miss a deadline.

Often, we are tasked with installing the sound system and this also includes the supply of a full-time sound engineer. Whatever your requirements during the setup, we can help.

Looking for a different solution?

We also hire audio equipment, find out more here: Equipment Hire.


Professional Sound

Once the setup is taken care of we can assist with managing the sound at your event. With a whole host of sound engineers that understand advanced acoustic concerts, signal processing, reproduction and amplification. We pride ourselves on melding the theory of sound with the practical application of your PA Hire.


PA Hire – Pack down

The show is not over until the last microphone leaves the building. We know how fast and furious it can be at the end of a show. Our team can be tasked to help pack down the full system for a fast and effective clean up.

Despite our fast and effective pack down service, we will still comply with all health and safety regulations making sure everything runs smoothly.


Sound good? Call or email us directly to discuss your PA requirements and let’s begin planning your event.

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