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Events Blackpool

The success of your event is important to us. For over 20 years we have been organizing and managing events of all sizes. As a result, we know what makes a successful event, who to choose as a supplier and how to make everything work right on the night. We can help with any events Blackpool or nationwide.


Events Blackpool – By Asets

We understand how important your event is to your organisation. A day for all to remember and a landmark activity for all those attending. Therefore, it is important to get it right.

Events are complex operations with many variables. With experience, you can anticipate some of the more common variables and build in safeguards for the more uncommon occurrences. The result of doing this successfully is an event that runs smoothly and is enjoyed by all those attending. We can do this for your event.

From design to planning and management. We can help with every last aspect or any part that needs additional assistance.

[Above] Time-lapse shot by our team at the Red Rose Awards 2019. We supplied, installed and managed all the audio and visual aspects of this event.

Supplier Connections

Over the years we have built up a large collection of reliable suppliers. From front-of-house, bar staff, waiters, caterers, presenters and of course our own technical personnel.

These connections allow us to provide reliable people as and when is needed for your event. Often, we enjoy discounts for repeat business meaning we can manage your event within your budget. Our knowledge of these suppliers often means we can suggest additions to events that were not in the original plan.


In-House Audio Visual

With a warehouse stacked full of audio-visual equipment, we can assist with any multimedia needs. From a full large auditorium sound system to even a small PA. This reserve of technology and in-house expertise often forms the foundation of the events we manage.

Before anything begins you can be reassured all your AV needs are taken care of by our skilled technicians.

Events Blackpool


Tip: Key Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Event

  1. What is the desired outcome of the event? Do you want everyone leaving to remember a key message, have an amazing time or make new contacts?
  2. How many people will be attending?
  3. What does the venue space need to offer to facilitate a successful event?
  4. Will you require staff? Think about front-of-house, bar staff, caterers, waiters and AV technicians.
  5. What equipment will you require? From microphones to lights, projectors and vision mixing. What technology are you going to use and why?
  6. How will you manage the key dates, people and logistics involved?
  7. What type of insurance will you require?
  8. Will you use contracts with key suppliers and if so, what will they stipulate?
  9. Which jobs can be delegated to an assistant?
  10. What tasks will have to be carried out following the event and when will they have to be done by?

The ten key questions above are just a few points you may encounter when organising an event. If you require assistance or further advice please get in contact. Our skilled team are here to help.


Events Blackpool, Lancashire and the UK

For over 20 years we have been based in Blackpool. This means we have amazing local connections with outstanding local supplier support. Over the years we have organised many large corporate events in Blackpool which has allowed us to develop strong national contacts. As a result we also cater for events anywhere in the UK.

Wish to chat about your event? Let us know the details and any questions you may have. We are happy to help.

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