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Professional event lighting can change any venue space quite significantly. Let us know the vision for your event and we can design lighting that will achieve and excel your wildest ambitions. Event lighting Blackpool, supplying the whole of the UK. 

From simple up-lighters with thousands of colour choices, bespoke gobos that project your logo /message, full led light walls, vintage and retro lighting. With well-designed event lighting that is managed by experienced lighting technicians, we will make sure your event is visual and striking.

Below we profile just some of the choices you have when it comes to lighting your event. If you like the sound of any of these solutions or wish to discuss your event please get in contact. Click here to go to our contact page.

Event Lighting Blackpool

Up Lighters

Change the entire colour of the venue or event space with a selection of up-lighters. Casting ultra-smooth colours, from rich saturated hues to subtle pastel shades, from the floor upwards. These lights can create a huge range of effects.

Battery-powered and with the ability to cycle through colour ranges as well as be activated by sound these lights offer a huge selection of settings.

Working to a tight budget? Up-lighters might just be the perfect solution. Quick to set up, effective and give you the ability to significantly change the feeling of a space instantly.

Up-lighters are great for:

Programmable Lights    

The perfect solution for professional stage lighting. Have a bespoke spotlight animation for between speeches, big announcements or awards. Choose the movement, colour and shape of light to meet the exact requirements of your event.

For the best performance and dance floor lighting you need programmable lights. These are spotlights that can move on all axis, project a large range of colours, shapes and even interact with sound.

With the addition of a fog machine programmable lights can project moving and dancing light beams to create an atmosphere your guests will never forget. Light shows can be programmed before an event or live mixed for bespoke solutions.

Programmable lights are great for:


Project your organisation’s logo onto the entrance floor, ceiling or any surface at your event. Gobos are sheets of metal that can be placed in front of a spotlight to project any image required. This allows you to brand the venue in any way you like.

Placed on the programmable spotlight, such as those mentioned above, means you can make your bespoke projection dance and move any way you like. Perfect as a stylish finishing touch to the dancefloor or as a filler between speeches.

Gobos have to be manufactured before an event so if you are interested in having your very own logo, message or initials projected, get in contact now.

Gobos are great for:

LED Screens

One of the most recent AV innovations. LED Screens allow you to illuminate the entire stage backdrop with moving images and vivid colours.

HDMI, HDI, SDI and VGA compatible with 2k and 4k video processing. Modular in design these screens can be constructed to suit almost any space. Better still, the screens require no fans for cooling and are therefore silent. Making them perfect for use on stage.

LED Screens are great for:

Retro Lighting

For a warm ambient feel and themed events, you cannot go wrong with retro lighting. From seven-foot floor standing letters containing retro lights to carnival lights to add something extra to your event. We can source any type of retro light for your event and we have the skilled people needed to make them work and comply with modern safety standards.

Special Effects

From fog machines to airburst, glitter cartridges and coloured smoke. Sometimes your event needs that little extra to make a lasting memory. We can source, setup and manage any special effects that you require.

Make set parts of your event visually striking, emphasis an entrance or highlight a key feature. Make your event extra special with your chosen effect.

Event lighting Blackpool

Get in Contact for Your Event Lighting Blackpool

As you can see from the solutions above there are many choices when it comes to professional event lighting. Get in contact, let us know your key event details and we can advise on specific lighting solutions for your event.

Our base is in Blackpool but our event lighting solutions are available across the entire UK.

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