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Your event is important. A landmark within the year and something you care about. We understand this, we share your ambitions and passion for hosting a fantastic event. This is why we specialise in event equipment hire, Blackpool & Lancashire. (Service available across the UK).

Underpinning any successful event is great equipment. Technology you can rely upon, equipment that is modern and produces the best results in the most effective manner possible.

It all begins with a call. For event equipment hire, Blackpool phone 01253 294920 and let’s chat about your upcoming event.

Three Reasons You Should Choose Us for Your Event Equipment Hire

We are proud of our service, personnel and equipment. This is because we have the passion, experience and motivation to help you host the best event possible. Over the years we have seen first-hand what the outcome of all this dedication can create.

Below are three reasons you should choose us when you require event equipment hire.

1. We Have Our Own Equipment

Our warehouse in Blackpool is stocked full of event equipment. From multiple sound rigs to lighting and stage sets. Over the years we have accumulated an enviable range of equipment to suit all types of events.

This is great news for you and results in the following benefits:

Cheaper – we do not need to hire equipment from a third-party and therefore have greater control over our costs. This is passed onto our customers.

Reliable – all equipment is tested and maintained by our skilled technicians.

Quality – used multiple times by our skilled staff means we know the best application for every bit of equipment.

Speed – with good stock management processes we can ensure all equipment arrives on time and before it is needed for your event.

Problem resolution – with such a wide range of event equipment at our disposal we have the ability to resolve any equipment problems effectively and with speed.

Three Asets UK workers setting up equipment for an event

2. Equipment for small or large events

From small seminars where a basic PA is required to large conferences that need full line arrays and a team of audio technicians. Our range of equipment is perfect for any event. This is purposeful. Our collection of equipment and services have been designed to offer bespoke solutions for every event.

Regardless of size, event type or location we can guarantee there are targets your event shares with most others:

Our skilled team have decades of experience providing the above and much more regardless of the size or type of business.

Equipment hire Blackpool UK

3. Equipment That Comes With Experienced Technicians

From operating the system upon installation to set up and pack down. Our team are here to help with every stage needed. Require just equipment? Our team can deliver and pick up as needed.

Setup – Every event space is different. Knowing how to make set pieces of equipment work in your event space requires good technical knowledge as well as experience. Many members of our team possess these skills and will help you set up in the time constraints required. Leaving you to manage other important aspects of the event.

Operation – Be it a small PA for a conference of 50 or a huge music festival we have the sound, lighting and pyrotechnicians needed. Understanding how sound propagates an environment, be it a large auditorium, an outdoor stage or small square room will significantly affect your sound. A skilled technician can anticipate this and adapt a PA system to ensure quality at every single stage of the event.

Pack down – Often taking place at unsociable hours and under very tight time constraints, pack down is often overlooked. Having professional technicians that are used in this environment can help significantly. Ensuring safety procedures are followed and equipment is looked after will ensure a successful end to your event.

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We would love to learn more about your event. It all begins with a conversation so please call us on the following number or send us an email. It would be a pleasure to help make your event a huge success. For event equipment hire, Blackpool & Lancashire contact us via the links below.

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